The company INGAS LLC carries out a full range of engineering and repair work in the field of cryogenic equipment, air separation equipment, gasification plants, gas storage and distribution points – from design, commissioning and to the provision of services. Our design experts have extensive experience and know many aspects related to the fields of cryogenics, thermodynamics, mechanics, electrical engineering and control systems. The operational capabilities of refrigeration equipment and the system as a whole depend on the quality and professional design of cryogenic systems and installations, and also suggest the possibility of its further automation and rationalization in accordance with changing environmental conditions.

According to the individual requirements, INGAS LLC develops design, engineering and other technical documentation intended for the manufacture and operation of cryogenic equipment production lines.

Before the start of the design work, we have the opportunity to send our technical specialists to the customer’s enterprise. They will competently compile and help with the coordination of the technical task, with great accuracy will determine the necessary composition of the complex, the amount of preparatory work, as well as the most successful location of the equipment.

Our company offers its clients the provision of complex design and practical work:

  • Consultations on the selection of technologies and equipment.
  • Design of cryogenic, carbon dioxide equipment (including non-standard solutions), including equipment for the maintenance of cryogenic units during operation, as well as cryogenic gas stations and workshops.
  • Designing of installations, devices and complexes for the production, separation and purification of gaseous and liquefied air separation products, technological pipelines, stationary and mobile complexes.
  • Development of key design solutions.
  • Implementation of basic engineering (development of schematic diagrams, equipment selection, preliminary equipment layout).
  • Detailed engineering of the technological part, including the task for the construction part.
  • Development of design estimates.
  • Installation and commissioning.
  • Evacuation of cryogenic equipment.
  • Warranty and service maintenance of cryogenic equipment.

If you order a complete set of design and installation services from us, you will receive a stable working facility throughout the entire period of operation.