INGAS LLC, a prominent supplier of high purity neon, xenon, and krypton, continues to significantly contribute to the growth of the electronic gases industry. This has been recently underscored in an article titled “Electronic Gases Demand to Increase as Semi-Fab Expansions Move Forward,” authored by Rob Cockerill on Gasworld. The piece emphasizes the escalating demand for electronic gases and the burgeoning expansion of the semiconductor industry.

In the face of a dynamic industry landscape and challenging circumstances, INGAS’ operational resilience and unwavering commitment to serving our customers have been recognized by Gasworld. The publication updated their article to accurately reflect our ongoing operations in Ukraine.

The article also brings attention to the potential supply constraints for electronic gases, as demand is projected to outpace supply. Nevertheless, INGAS stands ready to meet these challenges head-on and bolster the industry’s growth.

We invite you to read the full article on Gasworld’s website for a deeper understanding of the exciting developments in the electronic gases industry and the pivotal role INGAS plays in it. As we forge ahead, our dedication to serving our customers and contributing to the industry’s growth remains steadfast.