HYDROGEN (H2) is a light, colorless, non-toxic gas. When mixed with air or oxygen, it is flammable and explosive. It is used in chemical industry, gas chromatography, food industry, electric power industry, as fuel, etc.

The hydrogen produced by Ingas LLC complies with GOST 3022-85, GOST 3022-86.

Hydrogen - H2
Hydrogen H2 in recalculation for dry gas, %99,9999,95
Oxygen O2, %TotallyTotally
Nitrogen N2, %≤0,01≤0,05

Note: The mass concentration of water vapor at 20 ° C and 760 mm Hg in bottles under pressure, not more than 0.2 g / m³, (dew point not higher than -33 ° C)