Calibration gas mixtures (СGM) are produced at the facilities of the specialized section of testing and special mixtures of Ingas LLC in pressurized cylinders and are intended for calibration, calibration, calibration of measuring equipment (CME), as well as attestation of measurement techniques and quality control of measurements of the composition of gaseous media.

In physical metrology, СGM correspond to the standard samples of the composition in accordance with ISO 7504 and GOST 8.315 and are the means of measuring the content of components in gaseous media according to DSTU 3214-2016.

The metrological characteristics of standard samples of gas mixtures comply with the requirements of TU U 24.1-02568182-001: 2005, as well as the characteristics of similar standard samples produced abroad.

СGM in the status of a working gas standard (WGS) is an analogue of a working standard, which is used not only for calibration of gas analyzers, calibration of working measuring instruments by direct measurement, but also for the attestation of measurement techniques.

СGM in the status of a reference gas mixture (RGM) is analogous to the state standard sample of Ukraine (GSOU) and is outside the scope of DSTU 3214. RGM is used to calibrate working measurement tools during their operation using the direct measurement method.

СGMs are manufactured according to the specifications of TU U 24.1-025-68182: 2005 and in accordance with the customer’s request. PGS prepared from pure gases:

  • gravimetric method according to ISO 6142,
  • monomeric method, static volumetric method according to DSTU ISO 6144
  • dynamic volumetric method in accordance with DSTU ISO 6545-1.

СGMs consist of components that do not react between themselves and the walls of the cylinder.

Components of a gas mixture, pure gases, must comply with the requirements of current standards and regulatory documents. In the production of gas mixtures, the input control of pure gases is carried out with respect to the main component (carrier gas) and by impurities.

The quantitative composition of the СGM is the relevant DSTU ISO 14912.

СGMs are produced in cylinders of a standard series of hydraulic tanks (0.4 ÷ 50 liters) with a body made of carbon, alloyed steel or aluminum and composite materials, depending on the physical properties of the gas components and their content in the gas mixture. Cylinders are equipped with valves of standard or special performance. The cylinder body material, the state of the inner surface and the type of valve depend on the qualitative and quantitative composition of the gas mixture.

The TGM pressure in cylinders is 3 ÷ 15 MPa and depends on the properties of the components of the mixture and the type of cylinder.

Transportation, storage and use of СGM are carried out in accordance with the requirements of State Standard ISO 16664, ISO / NS 14167 and State Standard ISO 6143.
Ingas LLC guarantees the compliance of the СGM with the certificate for the mixture during the warranty period from 6 to 12 months, depending on the type of the mixture and cylinder, provided that the user guarantees the proper conditions of transportation, storage and use of СGM.

In addition to those specified in TU U 24.1-02568182-001: 2005, it is possible to produce СGM with component composition and content of components according to customer specifications.