Double glazed gas infill

Currently, in order to increase energy savings in the production of windows (sealed window blocks), air replacement between glasses with inert gas is used. Inert gases have better thermal insulation than air. Since they are heavier than air, their convection and thermal conductivity are lower, and therefore the heat loss between the panes is relatively lower. Owing to its availability and low cost, inert argon gas is used most widely as a filler. However, the most cost-effective inert gas Krypton and gas mixtures based on it.

Compared with the usual non-sealed windows, plastic windows with double-glazed windows containing inert gases or their gas mixtures have many advantages. Their heat saving effect is higher compared to non-sealed windows by about thirty percent or more, depending on their physical properties.

Inert gases and their mixtures reduce the likelihood of condensation on the inner surface of the glass. The volume varies little depending on temperature drops, as a result of which the reflecting and refracting properties of the window are less distorted. In addition, the inert gases that fill the space between the panes of the glass pane allow this design to be made thinner. The lower the thermal conductivity of gas, the thinner the glass can be made.

Inert gases and gas mixtures based on them inside the glass create a kind of “layered” atmosphere, which better than air reflects sound waves and, therefore, has stronger sound insulation properties. Inert gases and their mixtures in glass units protect this reflective layer from evaporation and oxidation. Less heat absorbing than air, they heat up more slowly from the glass facing the inside of the heated room, and less give off heat to the outside.

If you fill the chamber of the glass with krypton or gas mixtures based on it, the heat-shielding properties of such windows will be much better than when they are filled with argon and, especially, with air.

Comparative table of indicators of heat conductivity of air and inert gases


The name of the substanceFormulaThermal conductivity, expressed in W / (m. К)


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