Neon sign

A neon lamp is a gas-discharge lamp, which is a hollow tube filled with neon or another inert gas under low pressure. Gas by passing an electric current emits a bright glow. The color of the glow of a neon lamp depends not only on the composition of the gas mixture, but also on the current density, as well as on its frequency. When the current density is low, the lamp shines orange and as it increases, the spectrum shifts to the red. By increasing the current frequency to a few MHz, the discharge in the lamp, on the contrary, turns blue. A tube filled with neon gives yellow, orange, red light, and in combination with other inert gases gives a very different color — from blue and purple to green, and more than 300 color shades can be achieved.

Colors of glow dischargers in various gases
GasFormulaGlow color
HeliumHeWhite-orange; under some conditions it may have a gray, greenish blue or blue tint.
KryptonKrGray dull off-white. May be greenish. In high voltage discharges bright bluish-white.
XenonXeGrayish or bluish gray dull white, in high voltage discharges in high peak currents, very bright bluish green.
NitrogenN2Similar to argon, dimmer, tinged with pink. In high voltage discharges, bright blue-white, whiter than argon.
OxygenO2Pale violet, dimmer argon.
HydrogenH2Pale mauve in low voltage discharges, pinkish red with discharges over 10 milliamperes.
nitrogen dioxideNO2Weak bluish white, in low voltage discharges brighter than xenon.


Neon advertising is still popular all over the world. It is a symbol of the nightlife of large cities. Love for neon and advertisers, and residents of cities is based on the unusual properties of neon:

  • Due to the brightness of the glow and its uniformity, neon signs perfectly attract attention not only at night, but also in daylight. Outdoor advertising with the use of neon stands out from the environment, forcing to hold her eye.
  • The use of neon provides outdoor advertising manufacturers with ample opportunities, because neon tubes can be used both at high temperatures and in conditions of extreme cold.
  • Neon advertising constructions are equally effective both indoors and outdoors.
  • Neon tubes differ in enviable durability (10-15 years), consume not too much electricity, and also resist well to the external environment.
  • Neon tubes are available in a wide range of colors, they can be used in combination with other materials, used as a stand-alone outdoor advertising or as an element of a complex advertising structure. Recently, controller-driven dynamic systems that allow light effects to be created are gaining in popularity.
  • Higher reliability and brightness in comparison with fluorescent lamps, and even more so incandescent lamps, make neon the best contender for the role of a light source for light letters and signs.

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