Laser cutting and welding

Laser cutting is the most common laser metal treatment process. In fact, it is autogenous burning. The energy source is a highly focused laser beam.

Focused laser radiation of adjustable power is an ideal tool providing a high-quality smooth cutting edge surface of any material regardless of its thermophysical properties, starting with steel and its alloys with non-ferrous metals, aluminum with many options, titanium, magnesium, tantalum, copper, and ending with noble metals. When laser cutting there is no mechanical effect on the material being processed.

Ingas LLC brings to your attention the gas mixtures produced by us in various concentrations at the request of the Customer for lasers and guarantees the quality of its products.


Laser gases are gases that create a controlled atmosphere in a laser beam generator. There are two main types of laser installations – one where each gas is supplied separately with subsequent mixing in the setup, and the other where a ready-made gas mixture is supplied. The primary standard laser gases and their mixtures used in this process include:

  • Nitrogen Grade 5.0 (99.999%)
  • Carbon Dioxide Grade 4.8 (99.998%)
  • Helium Grade 5.0 (99.999%)

Cutting gases are gases that come into direct contact with the processed metal. Their role is to remove metal from the cutting zone, melted by the laser beam. The following gases are used as cutting laser gases:

  • Nitrogen (recommended purity 99.999%) – for cutting high-alloy and low-alloy steels;
  • Oxygen (recommended purity 99.9%) – for cutting low-alloy steels; For example, in a CO2 laser, a special gas mixture of CO2, N2, and He is used as the active medium. Generation occurs at the transition between two vibrational levels of the CO2 molecule, and nitrogen and helium significantly increase the efficiency of the laser. The CO2 laser is one of the most powerful (output power of about 700 kW for a gas dynamic CO2 laser) and one of the most efficient lasers (differential efficiency 15-20%).

As for laser welding, it is a relatively new technology that uses a precisely focused laser beam as a source of thermal energy.

INGAS LLC offers our gas mixtures produced in various concentrations upon the Customer’s request for lasers and guarantees the quality of our products.